Tianjin Topmag Magnet Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of magnetic materials and application. It is consists of four parts: NdFeB magnet finishing, ferrite NdFeB plastic magnet and injection magnet, NdFeB surface treatment center and permanent magnet motor. We are the only enterprise with complete industry chain in China, from separates rare earth materials to magnet production and finally to permanent magnet motor. Our company is mainly aimed at the fine processing of permanent magnet materials and high-end micro motor, at the same time, produce injection rare earth permanent magnet devices. In terms of fine processing capacity, it has reached the top three in China.

   It is worth mentioning that we cooperate with Japan TDK on the focusing motor of mobile phone. The injection molding particles produced by us adopt South Korea technology and equipment , and its quality has also reached the world-class level. Moreover, the production capacity of particles is also the first in China, which is comparable with the most advanced Japan. The products have entered the mainstream markets including Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan and so on. With the development of technology, Tianjin Topmag Magnet will produce more high-performance rare earth magnets and better serve the society and our customer.

    TTM is good at manufacturing high-end Nd-Fe-B products with small size, high precision and high performance, that is, mobile phone magnet products and devices. With the market development and technology progress,


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     Developing our company with innovative wisdom and courage

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